French Manicure: What is it?

November 21, 2015

french manicure

Manicure actually is derived from the french word  “manucure”  literally means care of the hands. A female tradition which began 5000 years ago, it has evolved to many forms and variety such as the French Manicure, Paraffin Wax Manicure, Hot Oil Manicure etc.

As a school of nail care that is elegantly simple, the French manicure usually have white tips that are emphasized by a base which is natural colored. Bought to media attention by high profiled and famous female celebrities during the 20th century, it continues to play a prominent role in the grooming of woman today.

Although no one knows the exact date French manicure was made popular, it is not disputable that by the 19th century, the style of manicure was made extremely popular in a number of French nail parlours. The exclusive nails treatment caught the attention of US based fashion designers in the early 20th century, leading to its popular use among the famous actresses and socialites of the roaring 20s. From there, female disciples all over america adored the french manicure technique. This fashion trend continued well into the 1930s, with many women adopting the French manicure as part of their essential nails grooming at the local nail salon. Due to the economic Great Depression that gripped most of the nation, women began to learn the steps to create the look of the DIY French manicure at home.

Although it is a relatively easy process, French manicures tend to be the more expensive of nail salon options.
Usually, a stencil is used to create the clear delineation between the natural portion of the nail, and the section that is brushed with a white nail varnish. In some cases, the line is created freehand, with nail polish remover used later in the process to take care of any imperfections.

Several variations of the French manicure are offered today. Instead of a neutral tone for the bottom section of the nail, one approach is to use a pale pink layer to accentuate the white tips. In other instances, various shades ranging from ecru to tan are paired with the tips. The American version features the application of beige tips coupled with a solid pink base.

Just as there are French manicures, there are also pedicure treatments that employ similar methods. This means that it is possible to couple matching pedicures with the manicures, making a well-polished look for wear with open toed footwear.