10 ways to protect your nails

November 15, 2014

protect your nails

Ladies love their nails. They make our hands look elegant and feminine and we would like them to be strong and pretty. However, a lot of girls out there have problems with their nails. Get rid of those problems today!

1. Rubber Gloves Are Your Friends

Do not EVER do the dishes or clean your home without wearing rubber gloves. The chemicals you use for cleaning are very strong and can really damage your hands and your nails, not to mention your precious french manicure. Not only that they will make your nails weaker, they could also give you nasty burns. Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning

2. Calcium Gels and Nail Hardeners

Calcium gels and nail hardeners can really make your nails stronger. However, you can’t expect results right away, you need to give it some time and use the product regularly. I used to have a very good nail hardener which I can’t find on the market anymore, so if you could recommend me the one you’re using, I’d be very grateful.

3. Nail Creams

Your regular hand cream is sometimes not enough. In order to take good care of your nails, you need to get special nail creams. They are usually not expensive, and there’s a bunch of them on the market. Try a couple until you find the one that suits you best.

4. Cuticle Removing

One of the biggest mistakes many girls do when it comes to their nails is cutting the cuticles. This should never be done. Instead, apply cuticle remover gel or cream and gently push your cuticles with a cuticle stick.

5. Regular Clipping

You really have no reason to have super long nails. Not only that it’s unpractical, but it makes you look a bit slutty. Keep your nails at length that doesn’t come in a way of your every day chores and clip them regularly. Nails that are too long are also much more prone to breaking.

6. Filing and Polishing

First and foremost, invest in a good nail file. Every time you clip your nails, file them. Do this by moving the file in one direction only. When you move it left and right you’re actually creating tiny cracks that weaken your nails. Polish your nails not more often than once a month. If you do it too often, you can make your nails thinner and weaker.

7. Easy on Nail Polish

Although colorful nails are quite cool, nail polish actually does a lot of damage to your nails. The reason is that nail polishes contain acetone, which makes your nails soft. Don’t manicure your nails more often than once a week and buy only high quality nail polishes. If your nail polish has passed its expiration date, throw it right away.

8. Oil Based Nail Polish Removals

Even though I don’t know anyone who still uses acetone based nail polish removals, I feel that it’s still a good idea to mention it. The bad effect on acetone on your nails has been previously explained, so opt for oil based nail polish removals. They are much less harmful to your nails.

9. Acrylic or Gel Nails

Even though I personally don’t like any kind of artificial nails, a lot of my friends who have really weak nails swear that acrylic and gel nails keep them from breaking their natural nails. So, if your nails are weak too, maybe you can opt for one of these solutions. Be careful though, I’ve heard some girls had quite bad reactions to gel and acrylic. Also if you somehow pull an acrylic nail you risk pulling your natural nail together with it. And that hurts a lot.

10. Keep Your Nails Healthy

No treatment or special care will help you if you don’t know how to keep your nails healthy. Eating bad shows on your whole body. Your skin, your hair and your nails too. If you want healthy nails, you need to start a healthy diet. Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can and stay away from fried and processed food. Cook more, order less and increase the amount of calcium you take. It is very important for your nails.